Fostering the uptake of RDA indicators in Systems Biomedicine as a measure for model quality and FAIRness within the COMBINE community


For computational models to be applied in systems biomedicine they must be FAIR. This is a cross-community project aiming to reuse the RDA FAIR indicators on simulation experiments in COmputational MOdeling in BIology NEtwork (COMBINE) standards. The project will deliver (1) FAIR model indicators with accompanying guidelines and (2) a semi-automatic FAIR evaluation tool to the community.

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Twitter: @irinabalaur and @dagmarwaltemath 



  • Irina Balaur, Postdoctoral Researcher at Luxembourg Centre For Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Dagmar Waltemath, Professor of Medical Informatics at the University Medicine in Greifswald, Germany

Scientific Domain:

Biocomputational models


Luxembourg and Germany