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Science communication of RDA calls in the context of EOSC | Deadline 10 April 2023 - 04:00 pm CET



The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is envisioned by the European Commission as a supporting landscape to foster open science and open innovation. A network of organisations and infrastructures from various countries and communities that support the open creation and dissemination of knowledge and scientific data.

EOSC Future, kicked-off in April 2021, will develop an environment consisting of data, professionally provided services, and open research products and infrastructure that will be accessed and used by the European researchers who will be engaged, facilitated, trained and supported to utilise the EOSC resources and solutions.

The EOSC-Future project will provide funding to third parties that will support the uptake of EOSC at different levels by reaching out to data service providers, SMEs and researchers.


Funds for RDA Calls


RDA Grantees Expected

EOSC Future Funding Categories

RDA External Evaluators

Meeting and Conference Support

Technical, domain and editorial expertise

Standards and adoption

EOSC & RDA solutions

Dedicated community of practice support

Domain ambassadors

Maintenance facilities

Cross disciplinary science adoption


EOSC Future Funding


From June 2021 until June 2023, here at the EOSC Future Funding Platform, you can apply to the following line of funding:

  • The Research Data Alliance (RDA) open calls aim to bring data initiatives closer to EOSC and provide EOSC with expertise, tools, best practices, and standards from the global research data community. A total Budget of 1 Million Euros is reserved to fund over 65 grantees in 9 open calls.

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Open calls

Individuals or Organisations

Science communication of RDA calls in the context of EOSC

This call seeks applications from a science communication professional to deliver one series of excellent quality, high-impact articles which showcase the results and outcomes of a selection of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Future Open Calls programme. The call budget is EUR 15,000. Applicants are limited to EU and Associated countries only. One project will be funded.

Call for RDA
External Evaluators

As part of RDA’s principles of transparent and community-driven action, the project will use external evaluators to support its decision-making processes for the award of RDA open call grants in Europe.

The RDA External Evaluators will operate via the EOSC Future Funding Platform and will be responsible for evaluating the applications to cascading grants in response to the RDA open calls.

The project aims to have a pool of external evaluators with differing expertise to enable flexibility when assigning applications.

Selection criteria

  • Have a strong demonstrated expertise in an area relevant to RDA’s mission
  • Have good insights to the European Open Science Cloud or other international open science and research commons developments
  • Be actively involved in RDA as a contributor to a Working Group, Interest Group or some other activity, especially in the past 12 to 18 months
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