Domain Ambassador for social sciences


I am university lecturer and I proposed a RDA Ambassador plan for the period of May 2022 – August 2023. The main objective is to actively promote to what EOSC Future and RDA have to offer to social sciences specific domain/discipline community (e.g. via RDA domain specific WG/IGs presentations, webinars, training sessions, survey, etc.) at regional North-East Area from Romania and also at national level for sociology/social work/social sciences scientific domain.

The target groups are made of academia, researches at different stages of their career, students, specialists in the social sciences domain from Romania. All of these are for contributing at strengthen the outreach activities within EOSC Future in Romania.


Geta Mitrea, is a lecturer at University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava and EOSC Future Ambassador social sciences.

Scientific Domain:

Social sciences