RDA / EOSC Future Ambassador: Open science and FAIR data management practices into the arctic data community


I will seek to draw knowledge from, and about, RDA and EOSC into the arctic data community to strengthen open science and FAIR data management practices: build awareness, new skills and connections by participating in domain specific as well as RDA, EOSC and related open data, data science and data management events.

With Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (https://g-e-m.dk) as study case on an arctic research and monitoring project and data repository, I will create an RDA adoption story and analyse how EOSC can be leveraged in the future.


Jonas Koefoed Roemer, Data Manager and Analyst at Aarhus University


As MSc in Computer Science and Geography I enjoy working with environmental and spatial data and technologies for processing, analyzing, storing and sharing data. I really subscribe to the importance of Open Science and the FAIR principles and have worked with this in depth: from data management planning, advocating the need for better metadata, PIDs and licenses, to the actual hands-on implementation of metadata standards, DOI assignment and integrations between repositories. 

Since 2013 I have worked for Aarhus University, Department of Ecoscience, as Data Manager and Analyst. The department has decades of experience monitoring arctic ecosystems, species and environmental impacts of human activities and climate change. I function as Data Manager in the long-term monitoring project: Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring – an inter-disciplinary and cross-institutional project involving partners from both Danish universities and Greenlandic institutions.

Scientific Domain:

Arctic Data Community, Ecosystems and Climate Change

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Jonas and his activities are also featured on the RDA website.

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