The EOSC Future open calls

A substantial part of the EOSC-Future budget has been reserved to provide financial support to third parties that will support the uptake of EOSC at different levels by reaching out to data service providers, SMEs and researchers. Three funding schemes have therefore been envisaged that will be structured around open calls that will be periodically launched during the project lifetime: Procured services calls, engaging commercial suppliers for the provisioning of added-value commercial services; Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) calls, focusing on engagement with industry stakeholders to identify possible new use case experiments; Research Data Alliance (RDA) open calls, bringing data initiatives closer to EOSC and providing EOSC with tools and standards from the global research data community.

RDA open calls

Scientific communities have a huge potential to contribute to the development of research data tools, standards and expertise in the context of EOSC.  The RDA Open Calls cover eight categories of grants to support the creation of diverse outputs to bring data initiatives and experts closer to EOSC. They will also serve to provide EOSC with tools and standards from the global research data community, ensuring long-term interoperability and standards as well as enabling the accessibility of EOSC and widening engagement via domain ambassadors.  

Through these Open Calls, funded by EOSC Future and managed by RDA, financial support will be offered for the following categories:  


  • Calls focused on Optimising (RDA) Open Science Frameworks and Guidelines in the Context of EOSC Uptake

  • Call focused on RDA Working Groups for Development of EOSC Solutions

  • Call focused on Communities of Practice

  • Call focused on Meeting and Conference Support

  • Call focused on Standards and Adoption

  • Calls focused on Domain Ambassadors (2 editions) 

  • Call focused on Cross-disciplinary Science Adoption Grants (2 editions) 


RDA’s role in EOSC is to enable science communities leverage connections to RDA in order to create tools for European research infrastructures, via RDA working groups for EOSC solutions, to enable excellent research and access to data and to promote open science practices and standards.  

Each call will be evaluated by the External Pool of Evaluators, consisting of international experts from all technical and domain backgrounds. The Open Calls will run continuously from now until 2023 and each call will be open for at least three months, in accordance with EC grant regulations. 

Applications from individuals, research groups, organisations and institutions are warmly welcomed. Please note that also in accordance with the Horizon 2020 financial regulations, no individual or organization (third party) will be awarded more than 60.000 euro (sixty thousand euro). This limit applies cumulatively across all the RDA Open calls and the overall budget (1 million euro). Explicitly, a third party may apply and be awarded funding in different calls, but only be contracted for a total of 60.000 euro. If the limit is reached, no further contracts can be awarded to that individual or organization (third party). 

For more information on the work of RDA,  see here

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