(maDMP) Ensuring the software accessibility and reusability in the short, medium and long term


Our project corresponds to an extension of the RDA machine-actionable Data Management Plan (maDMP) application profile and its corresponding DMP Common Standard ontology (DCSO) in order to cover the case of ELIXIR Software Management Plans (SMP). Similar to DMPs, SMPs help formalize a set of structures and goals that ensure the software is accessible and reusable in the short, medium and long term. Although targeting the life sciences community, most of the elements of the ELIXIR SMPs are domain agnostic and could be used by other communities as well. DMPs and SMPs can be presented as text-based documents, sometimes guided by a set of questions corresponding to key points related to the lifecycle of either data or software. The RDA DMP Common Standards working group defined a maDMP to overcome limitations of text-based documents. We propose a similar path for the ELIXIR SMPs so they turn into machine-actionable SMPs (maSMPs).


Name Olga Giraldo (ontologist and metadata curator) and Leyla Jael Castro (semantic technologies team leader) at ZB MED Information Centre for Life Sciences

Scientific Domain:

Semantic web, structured metadata, life sciences