Improving Global Agricultural Data Community of Practice in the Republic of Moldova


The project focuses on expanding Improving Global Agricultural Data Community of Practice             (IGAD CoP) in the Republic of Moldova to facilitate the adoption of RDA recommendations, inviting experts to join and enrich the dialogue and encouraging researchers to share their experiences.

In order to understand the needs of researchers in the field of research data, we aim to develop a survey, based on which to identify the problems and challenges the researchers are facing, to analyze the particularities and possibilities of the research community in the Republic of Moldova to align with the Open Data movement and FAIR principles. Based on the results of the survey, some proposals, recommendations and a summary article will be developed.

The Republican Scientific Agricultural Library, being a national information and documentation center in the field of agriculture, aims to strengthen its capacities and provides a support point to all the members of the agricultural scientific community of the Republic of Moldova in the field of research data management. In order to succeed, the library is focused on the opportunities resulting from the effective collaboration with IGAD. The aim is to organize joint activities that would bring together experts, generate knowledge and train skills in the field of food and agriculture data. Therefore, the number of researchers from the target community as members of the RDA could be increased, as well as the number of joint open research initiatives and of those who would adopt the recommendations and results of the RDA.


Viorica Lupu, vice director at the Republican Scientific Agricultural Library of the Technical University of Moldova.

Scientific Domain:

Social Sciences