Framework for increased discoverability of Social Science Data Objects in the EOSC Portal Service Catalogue


This proposal aims to recommend a framework for harvesting and delivering for discovery rich metadata of social science data objects for the EOSC Portal Service Catalogue. The proposed framework would allow to enrich generic descriptors of data with relevant additional information depending on the type of the SSD object. This conditional model would allow for flexibility and comprehensiveness at the same time, as its main operating framework would be based on the most widely used generic metadata descriptors, at the same time, integrating additional elements from domain specific metadata descriptors.


Vaidas Morkevicius, Senior Researcher at the Lithuanian Data Archive for Social Sciences and Humanities (LiDA,


Vaidas is senior researcher at the Lithuanian Data Archive for Social Sciences and Humanities (LiDA, which is hosted by the Centre for Data Analysis and Archiving of Kaunas University of Technology. He was part of the team that started developing the LiDA in 2006, and since then is responsible for technological and data curation standards development. The archive is currently actively developing its Dataverse repository and Vaidas is coordinating the works. 

Vaidas is also actively engaged in data collection. He was the Lithuanian National Coordinator of the European Social Survey in 2008-2018 and was responsible for conducting the fieldwork in Lithuania. He was also active member of the national teams that were implementing the International Social Survey Programme in Lithuania from 2009 to 2015 and Lithuanian National Election Studies from 2016 to 2020. Currently, he is developing the corpus of Lithuanian parliamentary debates transcripts (

Vaidas also works as a lecturer and introduces young researchers to various research data analysis methods, such as, descriptive and inferential statistics, qualitative data analysis with software packages, qualitative comparative analysis. He (with colleagues) also delivers annual seminars on research data management to Lithuanian academic community. 

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Metadata & social science

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