RDA / EOSC Future Ambassador: Information about RMD tools developed for the MSE community


The project will improve the engagement of the MSE domain researcher in the RDA EOSC and related activities. The main aim is to create a website, which will provide the information about available RMD tools developed for the MSE community in a simplistic way. The information is now scattered all over the web.


Marek Cebecauer, head of the Czech Working Group for Material Sciences and Technologies.


Originally a biochemist, I am helping my colleagues from the material sciences and engineering domain with the RDM and development of standards for data management in this highly diverse community. Since May 2022, I am a head of the Czech Working Group for Material Sciences and Technologies. 

Scientific Domain:

Material Sciences and Engineering

Your Domain specific Engagement:

Material Sciences and Engineering (MSE) research domain drives global technological revolution and contributes to the improved quality of life. However, the domain belongs to those with less developed skills in research data management (RDM) and poor awareness of the EOSC ecosystem. The project should expand the group of MSE researches engaged in the EOSC and other global Open Science activities. A dedicated website with a comprehensive information about RDM tools and standards for the MSE domain will be created as part of this project and the MSE community will be informed about Open Science/RDM-related activities through well-established channel(s) followed by a majority of researchers – domain-specific, renowned scientific journals. The project will also bridge Czech MSE RDM community to similar activities abroad aiming to accelerate development of standards, ontologies and metadata models. 

Your Promotion and Networking:

Marek and his activities are also featured on the RDA website.


Czech Republic