Data practices in an interdisciplinary perspective - building good standards and universal solutions


The project specifies the overview and challenges of data sharing practices in four scientific disciplines - architecture, civil engineering, economics and natural language processing. Our review will describe the opportunities for data sharing in diverse disciplines, workflow practices in data management, implementation of metadata standards, and the social aspect of sharing data, such as researchers' attitudes and discipline-specific traditions. Simultaneously the second part of the proposal is to prepare and implement our existing data repository (MOST WIEDZY Open Research Data Catalogue) into the EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace as a data provider. The proposal's primary goal is to provide a detailed overview of professional data publishing using best practices among architecture, civil engineering, economics and natural language processing disciplines, as well as developing metadata standards and adjusting current architecture (MOST WIEDZY Open Research Data Catalogue) into the EOSC portal. Adopting best practices within the research community of the disciplines that are still not so advanced in disseminating data at the national and the international level is in line with the goals of RDA and EOSC, not to exclude the disciplines and countries less represented among the international academic community. 
We resolved to take a closer look at four scientific disciplines represented at the Gdańsk University of Technology that might be useful in the international context. Our motivations for choosing those scientific disciplines are mainly that they do not have robust data management practices, sharing data is often difficult due to copyright issues, and their characteristics are comprehensive, which makes their analysis challenging and very interesting. In addition, from the perspective of our university, it can be seen that these disciplines often work together, which allows generating and sharing of interesting cross-disciplinary data sets.


  • Anna Wałek (Project Investigator), Library Director of the Gdańsk University of Technology Library
  • Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska (Project Co-investigator), Leader of the Open Science Competence Center


Anna Wałek is an experienced library manager, expert in the field of open access to scientific resources (Open Access), digital libraries as well as the organization and management of a scientific library. A graduate of the Institute of Information and Library Science at the University of Wroclaw, where she obtained a PhD in the field of Library and Information Science in 2013.

In the years 2007-2016 she worked at the Wrocław University of Technology, where in 2013 as the Rector's Proxy for Organization of the Center for Scientific and Technical Information (CWINT) she developed the concept of organization and functioning of a new university unit, combining the functions of a university library, units responsible for university cooperation with the economy, technology transfer and intellectual property management. From January 2014, she was the first director of CWINT and the director of the Libraries of the Wrocław University of Technology. From November 2014, she was also appointed the manager of the Knowledge Repository Project of the Wrocław University of Technology. In 2014-2015 she was responsible for the implementation of the project Environmental Library of Exact and Technical Sciences for the Need of Innovative Economy (BIBLIOTECH), financed by the European Union under the Innovative Economy Operational Program.

Since January 2017, she has been the Director of the Library of the Gdańsk University of Technology, transforming it into a modern scientific library, providing innovative services for the scientific community, including the Open Science Competence Center and the Library Welcome Center, and engaging in national and international projects and initiatives.

She is a member of the Board of Directors IATUL (International Association of University Libraries -, SPARC Europe Board of Directors (, Task Force Open Science CESAER (Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research -, as well as Research Data Alliance ( Since December 2019 Anna is also a National Chapter of Data Stewardship Competence Centres Implementation Network within the GO FAIR Initiative (

She was the plenipotentiary of the Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology for Open Science during the 2016-2020 term, Substantive coordinator of the Bridge of Data project and Open Access Expert in the Bridge of Knowledge project, implemented by the Gdańsk University of Technology, financed by the Digital Poland Operational Program. Anna is also the project manager of the "Improving the didactic competence of academic teachers of the Gdańsk University of Technology" project financed from the Operational Program Knowledge, Education Development, and also the GUT manager of the "BE OPEN European forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport" project financed under the HORIZON 2020 program.


Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska is the Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Services at the Gdansk University of Technology Library and the Leader of the Open Science Competence Center. She is a PhD Candidate. Her main areas of research and interests include research productivity, motivation, management of HEs, Open Access, Open Research Data, information literacy, scholarly communication, and bibliometrics. Previously, she served as Library Assistant in Health Sciences Library at University College Dublin, Ireland. She holds her BA in Librarianship from Warsaw University, Poland and earned her Master of Science in Digital Library Management from Boras University, Sweden. Magda has participated in numerous conferences and workshops, both national and international. She is a member of several working groups: IATUL Special Interest Group for Library Services related to Research Data Management, RDA, GO FAIR, EOSC or Open Aire.  She was coordinator of training programme POWER 3.4, and co-investigator in the HORIZON 2020 Project BE OPEN, Bridge of Data – Multidisciplinary Open System Transferring Knowledge. Stage II Open Research Data, Positive management of technical universities: a new model of motivation (OPUS: National Science Centre). Currently she is a co-investigator in EOSC Future Project: Data practices in an interdisciplinary perspective - building good standards and universal solutions.

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